May 2021 marks the beginning of a modern-day expedition into Western Iowa. It will be one of the beefiest missions of the year, and The Iowa Gallivant is ready to take this on! The T-Bone Trail is on the horizon, and some of Iowa’s greatest communities will be showcased during a spring and summer of discovery, entertainment, beautiful scenery, and a lot of delicious Iowa-raised beef. All this in a Midwest region that is primed and ready for a steady stream of new visitors and ready to welcome back old friends to their hometowns.

                                                                                       -JayJay Goodvin with The Iowa Gallivant

The Iowa Gallivant will be visiting 33 counties in Western Iowa on a mission to highlight the best restaurants, landmarks and meet with some of the best cattle producers in the world to celebrate National Beef Month this May. On Friday, May 21st, Jay will be visiting Pottawattamie County to explore some of the best beef-related businesses in the area!

The Iowa Gallivant is a blog created by JayJay Goodvin, who was born and raised in Iowa. In 1999, Jay took off on an “11-year culinary crusade” that led him to places across the nation. He has a love for food, traveling, and family, and his blog highlights all those things!

Pottawattamie County will be the fourth stop on the trail after Cass, Audubon, and Adams Counties. The route will be completed towards the end of the summer and will be jammed packed with T-Bone madness!

JayJay with The Iowa Gallivant says that he hopes the T-Bone Trail will become an annual event that focuses on inspiring locals to rediscover all there is to do and see in their backyard and to introduce these experiences and places to visitors.

To learn more about the T-Bone Trail and to stay up to date with The Iowa Gallivant’s explorations, follow him on Facebook! We will be sharing his posts, pictures, and blogs about his time in Pottawattamie County, so stay tuned!

This post was originally published on May 17, 2021 on the Watta Way blog.