Beginner Birding: With Nic Salick

May 15
7:30 to 9:30AM
Hitchcock Nature Center

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Join Nic Salick for Beginning Birding on Migratory Bird Day! Beginning Birding is designed to help novice birders develop new skills including bird identification through using field marks, build a basic knowledge of helpful terminology, and tips and tricks for using binoculars. This program includes a classroom and field session and will provide the knowledge and skills for amateur and beginning birders to more accurately identify common and notable species found in our area. This program can accommodate people of all experience levels but is intended for beginning birders with limited or no field experience. Please meet at the Goldfinch Room in the Loess Hills Lodge where you'll listen to a presentation then hit the trails!

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Contact: Kylie Gumpert
(712) 828-2140

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