Carson Duck Race

August 6
1:00 to 4:00PM
Carson Rodeo Grounds

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This year after the parade and during the bags tournament we are throwing a Carson Duck Race. Buy a duck and win a prize! We will drop the ducks off at the boat ramp in Carson and the 1st duck to make it wins! The prize is a 50/50 pot!

Lone Duck: 1 duck 5.00
Quack pack: 6 ducks for $25.00
Quacker Dozen: 13 ducks for $50
Very Important Duck:28 ducks for100.00
Diamond Duck: 75 ducks for 250.00

We are selling them now until the day of!!!

Sherri Hackett

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Contact: Sherri Hackett
(492) 350-4259

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Map to Carson Duck Race