Gardening for Diversity - A Hands-On Workshop

April 26
Narrows River Park

The great outdoors begins in your own backyard. Join us for our new programming series "Gardening for Diversity". Our third program session will be held on Monday, April 26th at 7:00 p.m. at Narrows River Park. This session kicks off your hands-on training as we break ground and begin our own native planting at Narrows River Park. This session is free! Learn how to properly plant native plugs, how we choose the species, and how to place them for a native pollinator garden. 

Big, huge thanks to Mulhall's for donating the native plugs that we will be installing during this program! 

Gardening for Diversity is a 6 part programming series that will walk participants through creating their own diverse native gardens through a mix of classroom learning and hands-on gardening exercises. Each session will cover different aspects of native gardening, from planning to planting to maintaining, and is perfect for beginning gardeners and anyone who is looking for new ways to incorporate native plantings in their own garden. 


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Contact: Michelle Biodrowski
(712) 545-3283 x5834

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Map to Gardening for Diversity - A Hands-On Workshop