Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway

If you drive U.S. Highway 30 across Iowa, you are never far away from the Lincoln Highway, and sometimes right on top of it! The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway in the United States, from Times Square to San Francisco.  In the 1920’s, most highways were dirt roads.  In 1928, the Highway was given the number Highway 30, which is this trail route today.

Originally, the road was marked with red/white/blue signs and a large “L” in the middle.  The Department of Transportation has used that same design and added the Iowa Byway logo for the modern signage.

The Lincoln Highway in Iowa begins at the Missouri River, crossing at Blair, Nebraska.  Towns along the Lincoln Highway in Pottawattamie County are:

As in other counties, the Lincoln Highway followed the railroad.  By 1931, the Highway as hard surface all across Iowa.  Years later as the Highway was straightened, bypassing many small towns.  The original road in Iowa has been identified and signed as the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway.

To view a “cut out” in a field for the original Lincoln Highway, visit the Hitchcock Nature Center, 27792 Ski Hill Loop, Honey Creek. (Website)

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